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 If there is an article you would like to have posted please send it on to me and I'll see it gets into our website.  I would also appreciate your inputs regarding our 60th reunion - although it is still a few years away it would be nice to hear from you as to what you feel you would like your committee to look into - a Saturday afternoon (or evening) gathering; a Sunday brunch as in the past; or something we've not thought about.  Many have commented they no longer drive during the evening hours and would prefer an afternoon get together.  In addition, would it be better to have the reunion during the summer months instead of September.  Any and all inputs would be appreciated.


Every first Tuesday of the month a class lunch gathering has been taking place at various restaurant establishments in the area (you do not have to be a 1961 graduate to attend).  If you are interested in being placed on the e-mail listing for notifications please contact Mike Dustin directly.  The attendance has increased substantially from when it started several years ago so come, enjoy yourself and know you will have a pleasant time connecting with people you haven’t seen in a long time.  Lunch gathering is at 12:30 pm and normally over by 3:00 pm.

Florida Reunion

A Florida reunion is being talked about (this will not take the place of our 60th reunion here in Nashua) and has been very receptive by many. 
Several have said they look forward to a Florida winter vacation and a Florida reunion when and if it comes to fruition.   I will keep you posted as time passes.



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